Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much! I feel wonderful! I am excited to start my life as a non-smoker and feel as if I have a second chance. Thank you again."                                                    Tanya O., El Cajon; ¾ pack a day for 17 years

"This is an understanding system that walked me through my doubts."                                            Lawrence S., Oceanside; ¾ pack a day for 20 years

"I am feeling better already. This time I have become a non-smoker."
                                                Katrina M., Oceanside; 1 pack a day for 27 years

"It was, so far, a very painless procedure. I feel in control of my abilities to curb and completely remove this habit from my life. I look forward to a future free from smoking, and I look forward to enjoying my life and my family."
Myles C., Carlsbad; ¾ pack a day for 30 years

"I needed help to realize that I could quit this habit, which has been such a part of my life."                   
                                                  Ron S., Lemon Grove; 1 pack a day for 35 years

"To be a non-smoker feels healthy, free, and smart. In just an hour you’ll become free!"
   Diane R., Long Beach; 1-2 packs a day for 15 years

"I’m free and I’m in control! I am now a non-smoker! Woo-hoo!"
    Deborah G., Carlsbad; 3/4 pack a day for 38 years

"The whole process seemed so easy, and quitting smoking should be one of the easiest things you do, not only for yourself, but for everyone else in your life."
                                    Laura G., Olympia, WA; 1–1 ½ packs a day for 11 years